Please Sell Me

Do They Think We Are That Stupid?

Apparently Joe and Kamala do as they shove down our throats that Donald Trump is the worst ever president ever when it comes to jobs and the economy. I heard Joe say something along the lines of; “Trump will be the first president ever to have less jobs when he leaves office than when he started. Kamala spewed the same type of bull excrement with “Trump inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Then, like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground.

Oh really, they think even “Never Trumpers” are stupid enough to not realize the virus caused the greatest economic and job numbers in history to plummet? Come on, for Joe and Kamala to think we’ll buy that nonsense is almost laughable as they blame Trump for the recent economic problems resulting from the lockdowns they supported and currently want to prolong.

It’s not all the way laughable though as we know millions of low information folks will eat their crap up all the way to the voting booth or mailbox. Don’t let that happen to you or people you know, nobody can be stupid enough to fall for Joe and Kamala’s rubbish, can they or will they? Stay tuned.

I’m Still Asking: 

I’m still asking any Biden supporter who will listen why exactly they think Biden will do a better job than Trump and I have yet to hear solid reasons other than “Trump is a jerk” or “Biden will be so much more presidential than Trump.”

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