Crime soars students want less police!

As violent crime soars and Chicagoans express their growing fear, students at the University of Chicago are demanding that their school defund, and eventually abolish, its police force.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a group of student protesters began marching through UChicago’s campus and the surrounding neighborhoods to protest the existence of the institution’s police department. The group eventually stopped in front of Provost Ka Yee Lee’s house, where they campused out for at least seven days. One of the protest’s organizers, Alicia Hurtado, called the demonstration an “occupation” on her personal Twitter account.

Of note is the fact that the area of south Chicago surrounding the university’s campus sees a significant amount of crime and is currently patrolled by the University of Chicago Police Department.

The students’ demands include the full disclosure of the department’s budget, a 50 percent reduction in said budget, disarmament of officers, and the total abolition of the university’s police by 2022. The students want the funds that currently go to the police to instead be distributed to students of color and to ethnic studies.

On August 28, the large group of students spent hours demonstrating outside Lee’s home.

Hurtado used a megaphone to lead a number of chants aimed at Lee. These chants included, calling cops “racist a** cops,” mocking Lee for being unable to sleep, and repeating “shame” over and over again.

Activists were also filmed banging snare drums, shining flashlights into Lee’s windows, and spamming her doorbell.

A number of individuals can be seen throughout the live stream talking to police. When they felt as if they may be arrested, Hurtado ordered students to get in front of everyone to serve as a barrier. In doing so the students blocked a residential road.

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