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Convention Musings

We're gonna see one heck of a crap storm come November 4th, 5th, 6th and who knows for how long. It could make 2000 look like a walk in the park.

I Miss Ya Gary:

In Santa Clarita, California where my wife and I published a weekly newspaper for many years, including this column, there is a columnist–Gary Horton, a far left fellow who writes a column for the daily paper. Gary never failed to provide ranting motivation for me with his liberal droning. Now that we’ve moved to Indiana (the virus snuffed our newspaper right out-of-business) I decided to look up Gary’s latest diatribe and he didn’t disappoint.

“Republicans have no new party platform this year. No kidding – the new goals are still the old 2016 menu, warmed over, no change, but with an emphasis “to support Trump.” It’s a rehash formula, but Trumpier. Now, a full-on personality cult, Trumpism, which has virally upended what used to be conservatism in the Republican party, today means Trump calls all the shots.”

Me:  Maybe Gary’s right about no new party platform, but I tell you what, millions of Americans have been and will be better off with the 2016 menu he disparages than with what we had under Obama or will have with his former understudy. I urge Gary to review the results of the goals laid out by Trump back then, and honestly write about how most of those goals have been achieved.

Typical of the left, Gary resorts to rather personal attacks (similar to Hillary’s basket of deplorables) on Trump supporters with his “full on personality cult, Trumpism, which has virally upended what used to be conservatism.”

If anything has virally upended anything it’s the damn virus. Otherwise, the only thing that will upend the “Keep America Great” flow will be the anti-conservative, socialistic ways of Joe Biden and his puppet-string-pullers. I think Gary hates Trump so much, ignoring the good he has done, he will relish the upheaval heaped upon his fellow Americans if his guy wins. As for me and millions of others we relish the thought of Trump continuing to call the shots as we know that will lend itself to a globally strong and prosperous nation, founded in conservatism.

More Gary: “The Democratic convention, by comparison, was sedate and thoughtful. Hopeful, inclusive, progressive ideas were shared. It held a vision of a more just, more compassionate, fairer America – and it did so served up with a robust platform of party objectives and agenda. Institutions from takeover by a dictatorial-bent Trump and family.”

Me: Wait a minute, did Gary watch the same Dem convention I tried to stomach, I mean watch? “Sedate and thoughtful” All I heard was they hate Trump and Trump is a bad man through most of it. Maybe Gary was referring to the beautiful, liberal  Hollywood types the Dems trotted out as props, thinking millions of folks would relate to those stars, in hopes a Biden country would fulfill the viewers star-struck fantasies. If that’s their way of corralling voters, go for it!

As far as a “robust platform of party objectives and agenda. Institutions from takeover by a dictatorial-bent Trump and family.” I must have missed the robust platform thing with party objectives and agenda mentions few and far between. As far as a dictatorial-bent Trump, Gary needs to look no farther than his own Governor of California to see the vision of what dictatorialism looks like and the joys that come with it (not).

Gary Horton: “Trumpism runs on fear. Democracy runs on hope“.

Me: Oh really, I can say emphatically and believe most level headed viewers of both conventions would say we heard the EXACT OPPOSITE!  The Dems pounded fear of a Trump America down viewers throats while Republicans showed example after example of what real and quality hope looks like.

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