What will you do When the Mob shows up at your door?

Over the weekend, so-called protesters in Seattle, Washington, descended on the suburbs, demanding that local residents give up their private property. As the mob continues its efforts to defund the police and violence continues, with a member of Congress even calling for more unrest in the streets, America is clearly in a low-grade civil war.

Or, as Attorney General Bill Barr said recently, far-left groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are engaging in urban guerrilla warfare.

Moving out of large cities like New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, St. Louis and Baltimore, radicals are terrorizing peace-loving Americans in the residential neighborhoods of suburbs and smaller cities and towns like Austin, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, Nevada City and even Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

The worst is yet to come as law enforcement officers are further demoralized — while politicians are often even taking the side of the criminals — and media elites and Democrat leaders ignore, downplay or lie about the violence.

While some remain skeptical about the threat, each news cycle brings more shocking stories of mayhem and murder like that of a 24-year-old Indiana mother shot dead for telling protesters that all lives matter. Or New York worshippers verbally and physically assaulted after a violent mob surrounded their church. Or a 14-year-old girl in Harlem beaten in broad daylight while police could only stand by and watch after the mob prevented their intervention. Or a Virginia woman told by dispatchers to call City Hall because police weren’t authorized to help when she and her child were trapped in their car by protesters.

So what are law-abiding citizens to do when caught in the mob’s crosshairs — or our homes and businesses are looted and destroyed by protesters who are also rioters? And what can we do to defend ourselves, our families, neighborhoods and the nation we love?

To begin, we should admit that we are under attack and this is an emergency situation. And that there are forces among us using fascistic and revolutionary tactics to destabilize America and force onto us their revolutionary ideology.

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