First Jesus – Now burning Bibles – I told You!

Apparently, as long as one allows Black Lives Matter demonstrators to do whatever they want in Portland, Oregon, including burning bibles and American flags, eventually they will scream themselves out and finally toddle on home to get some sleep and then come back to burn and scream another day — or at least, it’s possible that is the best-case scenario imagined by the powers that be in the city’s administration.

More than 2,000 people turned out for the 65th consecutive day of protests of what the demonstrators claimed were rallies “against violence, anti-Black racism and heightened use of force by federal officers,” according to Islamic World News – all of which they claimed justified the burning of the American flag.

On Friday night, anyway, that was apparently the decision made by the powers that be in Portland; police left basically left the protesters alone; they likewise just pried enough wood off nearby buildings to be able to fuel their protest fires, and everything else was cool, right?

The little bonfire in which yelling protesters burned a bible and an American flag took place outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon shortly after midnight Friday night, according to a report by KOIN News.

‘Moms United for Black Lives Matter’ put the fire out before quitting the area shortly after 1:00 am.

A few hours later, a rioter tried to fire a small hand-held rocket at the federal court house but it misfired and burned his hand instead.

But anyone who thinks this is about “peaceful protesting” should think about the message left for police in Portland on Thursday night – a pig’s head wearing a police hat, placed on an American flag, and set on fire, left at the city’s Justice Center.

And let’s not forget to mention the folks who showed up Friday night with a fistful of swords and other weapons to hand out to rioters outside the federal courthouse.

Read the rest at: Burning Bibles

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