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Doug’s Deliberations – Fake Conservatives wont vote for Trump!


The likes of George Bush, Jeb Bush, George Will, John Kasich and other notable conservative types have announced they will be voting for Joe Biden. Why, because President Trump used conservative ideals they touted their whole careers to make this country truly great again and given the opportunity will continue to do so? No, it’s because they hate the guy’s personality and are selfishly and blindly hoping he gets his butt kicked on November 3rd (or when all of the mail-in ballots are counted).

Funny, I bet if their favorite sports team was coached by a guy they couldn’t stand, they would still root like heck for that team. Do they really want to see higher taxes and increased regulations choking the economy again including a move towards socialism? They don’t care Biden is just a puppet and mouth piece for the hard far left and could send our nation into economic and cultural chaos?

They don’t care about millions of American’s 401k’s that have become very healthy (in spite of the virus) but will crash down to levels they saw during Obama days? I’m venturing to guess every Republican Never Trumper out there has investments in the stock market and they’re willing to risk those investments withering like a popped balloon? Go figure…..

I just don’t understand how these bright and talented conservatives are allowing their emotions to smother the common sense they’ve exhibited over the years for the sake of soothing the emotion of their irritation with the man who is so suited to do the job all Americans need done.

I heard about a survey indicating many Americans think 30 million people have died from the virus in this country (It’s actually only 160,000). How can this be? There a ton of folks who are suffering from a malady called “Low Information.” It’s not that their intelligence level is too low, it’s just they don’t take the time and effort to become fully informed and instead, rely on friends, family and social media for their information.

My concern is millions of those Low Information folks will be voting for Joe Biden come November just because they perceive Trump as a bad man and think Biden is what’s best for them. Oh my, if Biden wins they will be in for a rude awakening while the rest us, who knew better, will choke right along with them in their low information state.

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