A Social Conundrum

Still Perplexed: 

From the first time I heard the term “Black Lives Matter” after a law enforcement incident some years ago I am still puzzled as to exactly what it means. To me it gets pretty simple, in God’s eyes ALL lives matter, so isn’t that what all people should embrace and strive for? No one wants any person, of any color to be shot by a law enforcement officer, but that just isn’t how life goes. There are people out there of ALL colors who do suspicious and wrong things leading police to get involved, as they should, to serve and protect citizens of their community.

When those instances occur officers sometimes have to make life or death split second decisions leaving precious little time to ascertain if it’s the right move. I refuse to believe those lightning fast calls are based on the skin color of the individual involved. I also don’t think any officer of the law leaves home, reports to the station and begins their shift thinking “I hope I get a chance to shoot a black person today.”

But if you watch the NBA, listen to a BLM official or watch main stream media, you could come away convinced the mistreatment of black folks at the hands of law enforcement runs rampant! Just this week Lebron James made a statement after the officer involved shooting in Wisconsin that could lead many of his LOW INFORMATION, adoring fans to believe his beliefs are the gospel truth. “I know people get tired of hearing it, but we are scared as Black people in America. Black men, Black women, Black kids, we are terrified.”

Black radio personality Larry Elder put it this way; The idea that a racist white cop shooting unarmed black people is a peril to black people is BS,” said Elder.  “It’s complete and total BS.”

Me: Perhaps those who remain in fear should examine their actions and behavior when they’re out in the community that could lead to interaction with the professionals they fear, to avoid the chance of an officer having to make one of those split second life and death decisions, which could go terribly wrong.

The Right Message?

The preceding was written before some NBA and MLB players refused to play in games this past Wednesday and at the time of this writing NBA players are contemplating shutting down for the remainder of the season. We also saw NFL teams canceling practices and sportscasters walking off sets, all in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Not a great example for your fans guys, especially younger ones who really look up to you. They’ll take a look at your behavior and think “that’s what I wanna be like, when things happen in society I don’t like, I’ll just walk out of school, I’ll walk off of my job and it will be cool because that’s what the pros do.”

Besides the poor example they’re setting they’re also sending the wrong message of the reality of the problem they’re peeing their pants over as I describe in the preceding and following portions of this piece.

And what do these professionals think their selfish behavior will really accomplish in terms of what they’re trying to change. Will it result in a law enforcement officer, when they are forced into a quick life saving decision, to stop and think twice because they’ll remember, in that instance, these guys brave (not) work stoppages?

It reminds me of the adage when an actor or entertainer tries to impart their political views on award shows—Just shut-up and act or sing! In this case it’s shut-up and get your high paid butts back to playing because that’s all we care about when it comes to you!

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