UCLA to Consider letting kids sleep in cars!

UCLA is going to help “solve” the homeless problem for its students.  The Administration is looking at allowing students to live in their cars in the UCLA parking lots.  But the article leaves out a really important fact.  There will be almost no classes held on campuses, mostly graduate level classes, and few of those.  So what students need to be at UCLA for school?  They can be in Eureka, with Internet connection living at home, and still get the online classes—or they could be in China to get the same courses.

“UCLA Housing canceled many students’ housing contracts to minimize population density on the Hill, leaving those without housing scrambling for an apartment in the state’s most expensive neighborhood for renters. Such preventative measures may rightfully protect Bruins from infection, but without alternative options, students might be fearing financial danger much more than virus-related danger.

UCLA should take this opportunity to reconsider the NWWNC’s safe parking proposal and implement safe parking spaces on campus. While the plan fails to address the root of the problem, it offers an immediate alternative for students who can’t afford astronomically expensive housing. Furthermore, it gives administrators the time to figure out more concrete solutions that can effectively address student homelessness well after the pandemic ends.

This is NOT about students needing housing—they do not.  It is about opening the campus to the homeless regardless if they pretend to be students.  Why do they refuse to be honest about the real goal?  In fact, why live in cars when there are dorms that could be used for thousands of homeless—not being used by students.  If hotels can be used, why not UCLA dorms? Why are they hiding the real goal? THINK ABOUT IT!

Read the rest at: Sleeping in Cars the New Dorm!

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