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Seattle Police decrease presence in east precinct to allow peaceful protests. NOT GOOD!

Seattle police to decrease presence around East Precinct to allow peaceful protests

Seattle Police at the order of the Liberal Democrats running the state and look what happened!

Protesters have taken over, locked out police and government and created their own little fascist community!

After nearly two weeks of protests in the city, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced Monday afternoon the department will decrease its presence around the East Precinct, which has became a flashpoint between protesters and officers.

Best said there will be less officers around the building and some barricades will be removed to allow protesters to protest peacefully.

There were over 25 officers injured during protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Best said.

“This is an exercise in trust and de-escalation,” Best said. “We have heard from the protesters, many on social media and many elected officials that the intention is to march and the buildings on the block will be safe. We will not allow violent actors to destroy a city facility.”

As the Seattle Police Department works to decrease its presence amid protests, Best was questioned by the officers’ use of tear gas during Saturday evening protests.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued a 30-day ban Friday on officers using tear gas (CS gas).

Best defended the decision because she said the officers were in danger.

“We felt there was a life safety issue that we could deploy the tear gas,” Best said. “Based on what we were experiencing we thought there was a life safety issue particularly because of the rocks and bottles being deployed, the lasers pointing in the officers’ eyes, we already had a shooting in the evening and there was a person running around with a gun in the area. All of that combined is why tear gas was deployed. That is the last thing we want to do.”

Despite a decreased presence, Best said officers will not “abandon” or “leave” the East Precinct entirely. The department will board up exterior windows and apply fire retardants to the building’s exterior prior to Monday evening’s protest, she said.

“We don’t want to be the center of the story,” Best said. “We really want people to exercise their freedom of speech. “We are looking forward to a safe night in the city of Seattle. That’s our goal.”

Read the rest at: Dems rule and anarchy reins

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