Democrats HATE for America comes out in all its Glory!

Democrats are NOW sticking up for the RIOTERS! Yes really!
Some elected officials in these big towns are OK with “these people” looting and burning down stores because nothing says
“Black Lives Matter” like looting, burning down, beating people and more!

Many Many Many black community members are horrified at the damage they are seeing.

Yet the Hollywood left leaning Dems have put up the bail money to get these thugs released right after they are burn, loot, beat and steal anything they see.

They hate Trump so much that they are willing to allow our major cities to be destroyed, people killed, the economy ruined, religious people jailed.

What that sound like to YOU?

Watch out America, Obama was the start, dont let them finish!

Great piece from Jason Chaffetz!

Read the rest at: REAL justice for George

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