Democrats are eating eat other!

Americans who don’t live in Nebraska have probably never heard of Democratic Senate candidate Chris Janicek.

And judging by the mainstream media’s coverage in the hotly contested election year of 2020, it’s a good chance they never will.

But the reason for that says more about the mainstream media than it does about the Janicek campaign or the vile text message the candidate allegedly sent about a now-former female staffer.

According to multiple news accounts that likely won’t be getting in-depth treatment on prime time television any time soon, Janicek is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate — a candidate so flawed his own party wants him to withdraw from the ticket.

That’s because, according to The New York Times, Janicek used a June 4 group text conversation with campaign staffers to describe a disagreement he’d had with the then-staffer, then posed a question that every American would have heard by now, if Janicek was a Republican, of course.

In extraordinarily vulgar terms, Janicek asked if the campaign should spend money on providing the woman with a sexual encounter, noting “it will probably take three guys,” The Times reported (on page 20-A of the print edition, according to the online article).

According to The Times, Janicek “then described in explicit terms what he wanted the men to do to her” and asked “Thoughts?”

The development was first reported publicly by The Tulsa World on Tuesday — 12 days after the text messages — after the Democratic state executive committee voted Monday to deprive Janicek’s campaign of any party funding for his already longshot effort to unseat GOP incumbent Sen. Ben Sasse.

Apparently, no one is buying the odd Janicek argument – which he gave to CNN — that he couldn’t be guilty of sexually harassing a woman because, you see, he’s homosexual.

Read and see the video at: DEMOENTIA

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