Youtube hates John the Baptist!

So the government told Americans we had to shut down our churches house to protect people from the China Virus.

Some states slapped fines on church members who refused to comply. Others were ordered to undergo mandatory quarantines. And several were subjected to surveillance by state police.

Our government leaders told us not to worry because we could still worship online.

But what are Christians supposed to do when Big Tech decides to shut down online church services and Bible studies?

Ray Wright, a Sunday school teacher at Calvary Chapel East Anaheim, announced on Facebook that YouTube had removed his lesson for fifth and sixth graders.

“Your video 5th/6th Grade Lesson with Teacher Ray – John Baptized and Pointed to Jesus 4-19-2020 was flagged to us for review,” the YouTube notice read. “Upon review we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines and we’ve removed it from YouTube.”

Mr. Wright said he was given no further information.

“It had no foul language, no nudity, nothing explicit. Just a message about Jesus,” he wrote on Facebook. “Perhaps it was too uplifting, wholesome, and encouraging? Does YouTube prefer we not teach kids about goodness?”

Well, it was either a mistake on YouTube’s part of else they’ve employed a godless heathen to target Sunday school teachers.

Read the rest at: YouTube hates John

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