Are you a Parent or a Babysitter!

I have to admit…I was not a good babysitter in high school. I’m sure there are several adults from my hometown who would agree.

In middle school, I diligently read all of The Baby-sitters Club books to prepare myself for what I thought would be the best teen job ever.  In junior high, I eagerly anticipated the day my parents would trust me to care for someone else’s children. Finally, when I was 15, I got my first call. I was thrilled and felt completely “grown.” All of my friends made entertaining kids look like a piece of cake. However, I quickly realized babysitting wasn’t for me.

Truthfully, I just wasn’t a natural when it came to spending time with children I didn’t know well. Some children had no discipline whatsoever, and I didn’t enjoy being around them.  Most of all, I was terrified that we would run out of things to do and everyone would find out I was a failure. So, I would bring a huge bag with goodies to keep them busy, and then pray that their parents wouldn’t be gone long. I continually watched the clock and counted the minutes until I could be free to leave and go do my own thing.

Ironically, I later received a special education degree with a concentration in early childhood education. Then God grew my patience and love for children even more when He blessed me with four of my own –all critter-catching, mud-loving, destructive little boys.

Last week, as my older boys finished their schoolwork and my toddler went down for a nap, the house was finally still and quiet. I began folding the mountain of clothes I can’t seem to ever catch up on and suddenly heard Dr. Phil announce the title of his show: “COVID-19: Moms Gone Mad.”

He reported that moms around the country are taking to social media to rant about the fact that they are more afraid to be locked in their homes with their children than they are afraid of the actual virus. He went on to say that moms have been deemed with the impossible task of teaching their own children.

Now to be clear, I don’t normally watch Dr. Phil. His show just happened to come on after our governor’s press conference, but after hearing his introduction, I couldn’t resist watching. I actually watched the entire show – completely appalled and grieved by what I was seeing and hearing.

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