Snitches Please Apply!

SNITCHES GET REWARDS: Mayor Eric Garcetti encourages community members to report businesses who violate the mandate

The mayor of Los Angeles has urged citizens to “snitch” on businesses that violate the city’s stay-at-home order, and has promised “rewards” for those who do so.

“If any non-essential businesses continue to operate in violation of the stay at home order, we’re going to act to enforce the safer at home order and ensure their compliance,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“We need to make sure that everybody continues to let us know where those folks are,” he continued. “If you’ve observed recurring violations of the ‘safer at home’ order, please continue to let us know at”

“You know the old expression about snitches?” asked Garcetti. “Well in this case, snitches get rewards,” although it remains unclear what those rewards might be.

“We want to thank you for turning folks in,” added Garcetti, “and making sure we are all safe.”

CBS LA reports:

In an effort to enforce safe practices, Garcetti said the Department of Building and Safety has developed new guidelines specifically for construction sites to ensure the safety of employers, workers and the community at large.

That includes having all construction sites submit a comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control plan that includes protocols for symptom checking, physical distancing, hygiene practices and decontamination procedures.

The city will also be sending inspectors to active construction sites every day to ensure they are complying with the new guidelines. 

Garcetti has also authorized the LA Department of Water and Power to shut off service to “non-essential” businesses thought to be in violation of the city’s “Safer at Home” order.

The mayor is dispatching “ambassadors” to monitor compliance while promising that violators will be charged with a misdemeanor.

Read and see the tweets at: Snitches Get Rewards

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