Training up our young – Get an A for no work!

Excited student e-learning with a laptop and headphones finds offers in a coffee shop terrace

All, if you’re working on your course work, stop. I am entering A’s for every student.”

These are the words of Jo McIntosh, an English instructor at Concordia University in Texas, in an announcement sent to students Tuesday.

As the coronavirus spreads, an increasing number of professors and students alike are advocating for this kind of grade inflation.

Kalah Reed, a freshman in McIntosh’s class, told Campus Reform that she had a “99 up to this point in the class.”

“It’s frustrating to me because I know that not everyone in that class would have earned an A,” Reed said.

cIntosh said that she “may be in touch” with her students about “joining honors orgs” or to share a “video or link that [they] would have looked at together,” but that as far as official coursework is concerned, “there will be no further assignments needed for this course.”

With more than a month left in the semester, McIntosh told students “I made this decision after reviewing each student’s ability to meet the course objectives based on the work you’ve turned in up to this point, and see that each of you has achieved those objectives at some point, or I can assess that you could have achieved those objectives had we stayed on campus this semester.”

Reed rejects that concept telling Campus Reform that there are “people who never showed up” and that “peer review work” within the class was low caliber. Reed clarified that she “would not say that everyone would have received an A had [they] learned in the classroom the rest of the semester.”

In a climate of optional final exams, elimination of final letter grades, and optional final papers, many students are getting permission to coast through the rest of their spring semester. Many universities and professors cite factors such as “incredible stress” as the reason students cannot be expected to finish the semester.

Concordia University is also temporarily waiving the SAT/ACT entrance exam requirement for admission due to coronavirus complications. This applies to incoming classes beginning Fall 2020 through Fall 2021.

Read and see the video at: Only an A

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