Biden Family Mafia called out!

Could the five decades of Biden family corruption and nepotism finally catch up to them? We know that Hunter is flailing in his paternity lawsuit in Arkansas and is about to get subpoenaed by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to testify about this Burisma dealings.

Now we learn that Joe Biden’s younger brother James faces a brace of new lawsuits. Shannon Bream introduced a Fox News correspondent with details of the story on her program last night. Here is what was said:

Bream: There are new questions for Joe Biden involving a family member. A Politico report reveals allegations of possible fraud involving James Biden, the candidate’s younger brother. Politico reports that James Biden’s business with medical companies has led to allegations he potentially engaged in fraud and traded on his brother’s name. Biden and the other defendants deny any wrong-doing.

(From the graphic depicted: “James Biden’s health care ventures face a growing legal morass. A mysterious FBI raid. New allegation from former executives. Questions area swirling about the business dealings of Joe Biden’s brother.”)

Here is Garrett Tenney who is investigating this story and more.

Tenney: These new allegations claimed James Biden promised medical companies his last name in hopes that his political connections could open doors and help them land major deals and investments – investments that never came. In January the FBI raided a hospital in Western Pennsylvania linked to James Biden. The rural hospital is on of several run by the healthcare provider Americore Health. Former executives at the company say Biden first became involved in Americore in 2017, promising to help solve their financial woes by using his political connections to secure a major investment from the Middle East. One former executive, Tom Pritchard, told Politico, “He could get us in front of the unions. He could get us in front of certain people in government. He could get us in front of the right people.”

Read and see the video at: Biden Corruption

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