Hillary lies AGAIN about handling SARS!

Does Hillary realize she never did any work on SARS and figures nobody will notice? Or is Hillary like Biden, in the throes of dementia?

Is everyone in the Democrat Party having a “senior moment?”

We’ve got Biden on the campaign trail forgetting who he is, where he is, and what he’s doing while attacking and swearing at hard-working Americans and threatening to slap them.

We’ve got Pelosi unable to string a sentence together to save her life, chewing on her tongue, barely able to keep her teeth in her mouth and now Hillary making up grandiose stories of curing SARS six years after it happened.

Hillary appeared on CNN where she discussed the Coronavirus, and then bragged about how she and Obama worked to handle the SARS virus.

The only problem is, SARS happened from 2002-2003 and Hillary was Secretary of State from 2009-2013.

A lie or memory issue?

See the video at: Hillary lies again

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