Ex-Sanders adviser planted guns for prisoner escape!

You can’t fault Alex Friedmann for not believing in criminal justice reform. You may, however, disagree with the form which he allegedly believes it takes.

Friedmann, a former criminal justice adviser with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign who helped shape the current Democratic front-runner’s policies on the issue, has been arrested for allegedly planting guns and ammunition inside a jail under construction as part of breakout plan described as “evil” by police.

According to WTVF, police say Friedmann was the mastermind behind a plan to provide prisoners with weapons to help them negotiate their release from the Downtown Detention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall said Friedmann and three accomplices passed themselves off as construction workers to get into the facility, where they planted guns and ammunition.

“What disturbed me most is not that this was about an escape, it was all about loss of life,” Hall said.

“All designed to assist in a massive, escape plan,” Hall said. “Mr. Friedmann, over many months had developed and implemented an extremely deliberate and, in my opinion, evil plan.”

So, Friedmann was an adviser on Sanders’ 2016 campaign. In the intervening four years, he’s pretty much become a soi disant 21st century Weather Underground member.

For starters, as the Washington Free Beacon reported, Friedmann wasn’t just a low-level adviser, nor were his ideological contributions simply limited to 2016.

At the time he was advising the Sanders campaign, Friedmann was an associate director at the Human Rights Defense Center as well as the managing editor for its Prison Legal News publication.

Then as now, Sanders was known as a socialist, but only in the narrowest of terms.

While he had been banging on about economic inequality for decades, his bona fides on social issues were rather weak.

At least in the arena of criminal justice reform, Friedmann helped change that.

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