Democrat response to the 2020 State of the Union Address

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer will deliver the Democrat response to the 2020 State of the Union Address.

She says she will highlight what Democrats are DOING. If you want to know the truth, watch what people are doing, not what they say.

Despite the division of the last few years… All across the country Democratic leaders are cleaning up roads, rebuilding infrastructure. But Republicans in DC have blocked it.

Bullying people on Twitter doesn’t build bridges, it burns them.

Healthcare isn’t political, it’s personal. Worked to expand healthcare under ACA and lower costs. Increase Medicaid coverage to millions. President Trump wants those life-saving protections away. No one in America should have to crowd-source their healthcare.

American workers are hurting because wages have stagnated while CEO wages have skyrocketed. The economy hasn’t improved for everyone.

If the economy doesn’t work for working Americans, it just doesn’t work.

Democracy takes action. Young people do this when they see things that need to be done.

Democrats across the country are getting things done. Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf is expanding the right to overtime pay.  Michigan is, too.  Because if you’re on the clock, you deserve to get paid.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper are working to give hardworking teachers a raise. And speaking of the classroom, Wisconsin governor Tony Evers unilaterally increased school funding by $65 million last year.

In Colorado, Governor Jared Polis has enacted free all day kindergarten, and in 29 states, we’ve helped pass minimum wage hikes into law.

Speaking to young people:

  • We want your water to be clean.
  • We want you to love who you love, and to live authentically as your true selves.
  • And we want women to have autonomy over our bodies.
  • We want our country welcoming, and everyone’s vote counted.

Watching impeachment, we should demand the truth, and know that NO ONE is above the law.

She closed with “God bless America.”

Read the full transcript at NPR.

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