The Bernie free train!

Crazy Bernie Sanders is the old Santa Claus for Socialist. He went to Twitter with his list of free stuff that should be rights for all. Bernie list all of the free stuff every American should be entitled to. He says nothing about the cost or who is going to pay for it. But most likely the top 1% or the super rich, which includes many corrupt politicians.

“Every American, regardless of income (so do the super rich also get this free stuff?) is entitled to

The right to a decent job that pays a living wage

The right to quality health car (similar to Canada or Obamacare?)

The right to a complete education (at a Socialist indoctrination center of your choice)

The right to affordable housing (haven’t we had this program for 50 years? Its called the ghetto)

The right to a clean environment (is he going to get China and India on board with this?)

The right to a secure retirement (again haven’t we had this program for 50 years? Its called Social insecurity)

Twitter did not think much of Crazy Bernie’s free stuff list either see responses below.

Crazy Bernie Sanders said over the weekend that Trump is an “idiot” for being a climate change denier even though prominent scientist have said it is a scam. Free stuff should appeal to snowflake millinnials but we will see if Crazy Bernie gets a fair shot with Democrats this election.

Read the rest at: Free Stuff

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