Trump may stop California funding over State Funded Abortions!

California believes it is a nation/State.  We have our own environmental laws, in contradiction to Federal law.  The same for immigration policy.  We have signed trade agreements with other nations, we are suing the Feds to close down oil drilling on Federal—not State—property.  Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are getting free health care while close to 200,000 are on the streets and 12 million live in poverty.  Now, thanks to a law passed in 2014—when Obama was president and he signed the bill, made what California has done illegal.  Now  President Trump is in the process of enforcing another Federal law.

“While public insurance programs like Medicaid have long been barred from covering abortion services, Friday’s announcement also marks an escalation of the administration’s efforts to extend the prohibition to private coverage. In December, HHS unveiled a rule requiring private insurers on Obamacare markets to send patients separate monthly bills to separate the portion of the premium that goes toward abortion coverage. The added administrative burden could prompt some insurers to drop abortion care altogether.

“We’re sending a message that if any state does what California has done, they should likewise expect to be found in violation,” Severino said. “Whatever one thinks of the legality of abortion, the American people have spoken with one voice that they should not be forced to pay for, participate in, or cover someone’s abortion.”

Expect more lawsuits.  Expect California to continue to violate Federal law—someone should tell those in poverty and the homeless about what the Democrats are doing to them.

The Trump administration on Friday threatened to cut off some federal funds to California unless it drops a state requirement that private health insurers cover abortion.

The administration says the policy violates a federal ban on discriminating against health care entities that refuse to cover abortion services or refer patients for the procedure when taxpayer dollars are involved. HHS is giving the state 30 days to comply or face the loss of unspecified funds.

“If states receive federal funds from HHS and other agencies, they cannot discriminate against health plans that decline to pay for abortion. Period. Full stop,” Roger Severino, who leads HHS’ Office for Civil Rights, told reporters on a call Friday morning. “We want California to come to the table so people won’t be forced to choose between having insurance coverage for their families and following their conscience.”

Five other states — Illinois, Maine, New York, Oregon and Washington — have similar laws on the books. But HHS is, for now, only singling out California.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom indicated the state won’t change the policy.

Read the rest at: Cut Funding to PP

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