MAIN STREAM MEDIA Reporter says Trump has a great relationship with minorities!

It shouldn’t be newsworthy when a mainstream media reporter points out the truth about the current White House, but it is.

President Donald Trump got some unexpected credit from a news network not named “Fox” on Sunday when Major Garrett, the chief Washington correspondent for CBS News, outlined some of the steps the president has taken to help minorities during his time in office and even called them one of the big “undercovered” stories of the Trump era.

It’s definitely not the narrative Democrats are pushing.

In a segment of “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Garrett outlined only a few of Trump’s accomplishments and — in a twist that had to hurt the Democratic Party’s diehard Obamaphiles — noted that the country’s first black president never came close to those achievements.

It’s a record any president would envy.

The segment included a year-end discussion among the panelists of what stories they thought had been undercovered over the course of 2019.

For Garrett, it was Trump’s work on issues championed in particular by black communities and black lawmakers.

The president has pushed funding for historically black colleges and universities, the criminal justice reforms of the First Step Act and policies aimed at boosting the economies of depressed areas of the country through “opportunity zones” that were included in the Trump tax cuts of 2017.

“That is a legacy on the agenda side that almost any president after three years would want to claim, particularly President Obama,” Garrett said.

“Many of those things were sought, but you know what? Republicans would not go for it.

“Quietly, persistently, President Trump has pushed Republicans in this direction, and I think that’s an undercovered story.”

He had plenty of supporters on social media, too.

It’s important to note that even Garrett — who has cultivated a solid reputation while covering the White House for Fox News during the Bush administration and the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency — apparently felt it was necessary to preface his remarks by pointing out that he disagreed with some of Trump’s rhetoric. He also had to throw in a jab at nameless “Republicans” being unwilling to work with Obama. (As if the partisan fighting of the Obama years had nothing to do with the man in the Oval Office at the time.)

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