Have you been Flight Shamed?

This year, over 4 billion passengers will get on an airplane. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, air travel is responsible for nearly 3% of all global carbon emissions – and this is expected to grow at a rate of 3.5% per year.

So you care about the environment and do your part, but would you be willing to give up traveling?

That’s what a group of European “flight shamers” are hoping for as they highlight the effects of air travel on climate change. And some avid travelers are willing to make the sacrifice.

Now, in a surprise move, even one airline is on board. Today, Business Insider reported on Dutch airline KLM’s decision to launch a new “Fly Responsibly” campaign with a video on YouTube.

The video asks “Do you remember your first flight?” But the nostalgia is short-lived once they point out that their own “100 years of aviation comes with great responsibility.” In an effort to protect the planet for the next generation, KLM says they’re working “day and night” to change aviation to become more planet-friendly.

After instructing customers to “fly more responsibly” they ask “do you always need to meet face to face?,” and “Could you take the train instead?” Encouraging flyers to contribute to carbon offset funds and pack light, they close by encouraging travelers to help make one another aware of our “shared responsibility.”

As someone who has seen climate scientists themselves all-too-happy to get on a plane to attend a conference instead of Skyping in, I’m curious to see how frequent travelers who also consider themselves knowledgeable about environmental issues will react to the “flight shaming” movement. And as someone who travels by plane half a dozen times per year, it certainly has me thinking about the necessity of business trips as well as what I pack when I do travel (I do not currently travel “light”).

But the truth is, we’ve always been encouraged to travel. And as populations become more diverse, being exposed to other people and other cultures has been a great way to open people’s eyes to the rest of the world and encourage tolerance.

Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky, who has authored studies on the benefits of international travel, has said:

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