Democrats cant give up control!

John Kerry, former Democratic senator, presidential aspirant and U.S. State Department secretary under Barack Obama, is a heavy pot smoker.

He’d have to be to say this: Until President Donald Trump came along, the Iran nuclear deal “was working.”

OK, lawyers, cool the jets. Kerry is not a pot smoker — at least, to borrow from the legal world’s own lingo, it can neither be confirmed nor denied at this time that Kerry is a pot smoker.

But to say the nuke deal, the overly wordy Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the JCPOA of 2015, yada yada, blah blah, is “working” is simply the height of delusion. Unless, of course, by “working,” one means for Iran.

Here’s Kerry’s view, as written in The New York Times: “President Trump says that on his watch, Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. But if he had wanted to keep that promise, he should have left the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement in place. Instead, he pulled the United States out of the deal and pursued a reckless foreign policy that has put us on the path to armed conflict with Iran. … Though Mr. Trump has since walked back from the brink of war, I can’t explain the chaos of his presidency. … This moment was nothing if not foreseeable the moment Mr. Trump abandoned the 2015 agreement, which was working.”

Notice even Kerry doesn’t call the nuke deal by its regrettably forgettable overly highbrow formal name. He probably forgets what it’s called, too. But the bigger question mark is this: How can anyone this side of sane see the Iran nuclear agreement as a benefit to America, a safety latch for Israel, a peace-making measure for the Middle East?

The deal had an expiration date for prohibitions on Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons’ development.

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