They hate him so this will never stop!

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of noise coming from Washington, D.C. There’s been lots of bloviating and bluster, posturing and pontificating.

The Democrats have made their intentions clear – the president must be impeached – the truth be damned.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her foot soldiers are on a political jihad to destroy President Trump. They want to blemish his presidency with the scarlet letter of impeachment.

On Wednesday night, I was especially moved by remarks made by Congressman Jim Jordan, the Republican from Ohio. He managed to capture the essence of what this is all about.

“They’re never going to stop. It’s not just because they don’t like the president. They don’t like us. They don’t like the 63 million people who voted for this president, all of us in flyover country, us common folk in Ohio, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Texas, they don’t like us,” he declared.

It’s true. The Democrats hate those of us who cling to our guns and our religion. They despise who we are and what we believe. They are sickened by our values.

They don’t like the president’s supporters and they dislike us so much they’re willing to weaponize the government,” Jordan said.

This is not just about impeaching the president. It’s about impeaching the will of the American people.

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