Mrs Doubtfire not good for Transgenderism?

Mrs. Doubtfire is about a situational crossdresser rather than a trans person. The public does not fully appreciate the difference but it is huge. A trans person is changing their life not just thier clothes.

I very much enjoyed the movie and laughed well. Anything that brings good natured laughter is great. All the healthy trans people I know laugh at ourselves. There is lots of good humor to be found in transition.

While the movie did not address a trans person; I believe that it did advance the cause of transgender acceptance by bringing the subject into mainstream consciousness for a while. Previous crossdressing portrayals were broader comedy. Mrs. Doubtfire found a better self in cross gender life – a positive message is always helpful to acceptance.

Joe’s notesThe left has gone overboard when it comes to be offended on every issue known to mankind.  many many many transgenders and cross-dressers have come forward to say STOP IT, the movie is good and funny, Its OK.

WHY do we keep making changes for the few offended and out of touch humanoids?

Check out more at:  Mrs Doubtfire


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