Left wants to dictate who you should have sex with!

Miss Transgender UK 2015, Jai Dara Lotto
Miss Transgender UK 2015, Jai Dara Lotto

Gender transition can leave transgender people in a bit of a bind about their sexual desirability. While a transgender female may look, act, and feel masculine and exhibit male tendencies, she is just as female as any other female. If she is interested in either gay men or straight women, she could find herself perpetually attracted to individuals who are not going to be interested in her simply because of her vagina.

The same holds true for transgender men who have retained their penises. If they are into lesbian women or straight men, those two demographics will most likely be turned off by their body parts. This has got to be a painful, difficult, and kind of tragic place to be. The solution? Blame transphobia.

A young trans woman took to the internet recently to bemoan her fate at not being able to get gay guys attracted to her, despite her male appearance. The response was pretty well aghast that a woman who has transitioned to male yet retained her vagina could shame men for liking men and not liking her.

The question is: is it transphobic for a gay man to not want intimacy with a female-bodied transgender person, or is it homophobic for a female-bodied transgender person to think a gay man should want to be intimate with her?

To answer the question, we have first to assess language. How did we get here? The only way it could be possible to think that gay men are transphobic for not wanting to be romantically involved with people who have female reproductive organs is if homosexuality means same gender-attracted and not same-sex attracted. It would also have to have been finally determined that gender and sex are separate entities.

Homosexuality has long meant a sexual orientation wherein a person is attracted to others of his own sex. Yet because leftist theorists have split biological sex and gender, there’s this idea in transgender ideology that homosexuality should mean “attracted to people of your own gender.” To them, gender means the sex a person wants to imitate, rather than that person’s immutable biological reality.

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