Another Dem refuses to take responsibility for their actions!

I’m a member of the press. I believe everyone has the right to share their stories.  Former Congresswoman Katie Hill’s op-ed in The New York Times is a function of that right and I fully support it. However, in order to defend the integrity of our reporter Jennifer Van Laar, I feel it is important that Hill’s narrative does not go unchallenged.

While we may all feel some measure of sympathy for the embarrassing circumstances she involved herself in, it must be reiterated that Hill is not a victim. She was a sitting congresswoman who violated the House ethics rules she herself voted for. You cannot sleep with the people who work for you. End of story. Furthermore, the #MeToo movement exposed the dangers of an unequal relationship between an employer and the person who depends on said employer for their living. If you want women to have equal representation, the rules must also apply to them equally. While she may deny some of the allegations, the fact remains that a mere four days after the House announced they would be launching an investigation into her violations, Hill resigned of her own accord. She chose to step down rather than be vindicated. Perhaps she knew there was no vindication to come, because she knew what she did.

Hill spins a moving yarn about Pelosi not wanting her to resign, but again that feels like narrative-building rather than truth. The left’s reaction to Pelosi wagging her finger at a reporter who asked her if she hated Trump is all you need to know about Pelosi’s well-earned reputation. There is a reason Nancy Pelosi is ostensibly the most powerful woman in America – this is a woman who handles her business. Nothing happens on the Democrat side of Congress without Pelosi’s blessing, a right she has spent decades earning. If she truly did not want her congresswoman to resign, then Katie Hill would still be there. We’ve seen the Democrats go to the mat for a baseless impeachment that is steeped in hearsay and innuendo. Are we to believe Pelosi and company don’t have the resolve or energy to defend a completely innocent freshman congresswoman from what she claims are baseless charges?

No. That’s silly and we all know it. Pelosi was either already aware of or made aware of Hill’s misconduct and acted accordingly. She knows the stakes in 2020 and she was cutting dead weight. Pelosi had the power to keep Hill right where she was. She didn’t. That speaks volumes.

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