Tired of ILLEGALS getting better treatment than our VETERANS? DO SOMETHING!

Halloween has come and gone. That one night a year where the streets are filled with squeals of delight from little princesses, cowboys and super heroes that go from door to door, giggling, asking “trick or treat.” When the last is gone we turn off the porch light and this one night is over until next year… “That’s the way it was.”

The rest of the year we are left to contend with droves of criminal trespassing & oft violent vermin that seem to be ‘above the law’, not one night, but 365 days and 365 nights a year. They knock on our doors demanding we fill their goodie bags and give directions to the nearest social service office where they claim a jumbo bag of free medical care, food stamps, housing discounts and a host of other things intended to help American Citizens  get a hand up.

We know nothing about them, the ‘real’ reason they came. Are they diseased? A murderers? A rapist? A gang member? Or??? We know our schools are overcrowded and doctors’ waiting rooms full. We know many work with stolen social security numbers. And we know they’re draining our nation’s resources. All the while corrupt elected officials in many cities give them carte blanc sanctuary.

Thirteen years ago (2006) President G.W. Bush was voted money to build a wall and the reported number of criminal trespassers in our house was low balled at 11 million. Although the Rio Grande was flooded with ‘new’ arrivals, that same figure was given as gospel until just weeks ago.  Now we have a grossly under estimated 22 million. Most with expert knowledge say closer to 50 million. Border Stations in Brooks County Texas say they only apprehend about 30% of these criminals.

It is ludicrous to even try to justify the lack of action by our feckless ‘wise guys’ in Congress! Guess they’re too busy trying to make President Trump go away to honor their oaths of office. From time to time the Washington drums beat a message out on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Comprehensive, my foot!!! The laws are written in plain English!! What we need is Comprehensive ENFORCEMENT!!

These Elitist greedy, power monger donkeys have no qualms going out of their way to see that these illegal criminals receive ‘humane’ treatment, meals, beds, clothes etc. while thousands of American heroes are sleeping in the streets and dumpster diving for food. Our brave men have lost their homes, their families and their self respect. They are sick and need treatment. In despair they wonder how their own countrymen could desert them after they gave them their very best.  Alone, destitute and in pain, growing numbers are escaping through suicide.

My gut is boiling with rage and my heart breaks. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to this American! This disgusting, shameful situation is what the rest of the world sees from a Nation that is supposed to be a leader. IF our priorities don’t change fast we will lose a great generation and add to the list of Angel Moms & Dads… and sovereignty is history.


Now is the time to STAND AND BE COUNTED! The only legal way to win change is through our Elections. It’s slow, but precise, as a surgeon’s knife, if done right. And it’s not only hard, but can get bloody. And it takes EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN THAT CONSIDERS THEMSELVES ‘CONSERVATIVE’ to get off of their collective arses, roll up their sleeves and STAND UP SWINGING !!

Our awesome Father & Creator gave us a brain, expecting us to use it. There is absolutely no one that doesn’t have something of value to bring to this fight. We can share ideas, make phone calls, pass out flyers, have conversations with neighbors & friends. We can write letters or just lick the stamps… volunteers in a campaign are treasures unequaled. Choose a candidate and share why he/she is ‘the one’.

Let’s not let our veterans down again.
Let’s act like Americans

Join me in prayer for our blessed Country

Jan Brown

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