Hillary says God put her here to run for office?

That was the message Sunday from Dick Morris, a former longtime adviser, friend and political guru to former President Bill Clinton who sees Hillary trying to get back into the White House again.

“At the moment, the issue is, will the ghost of Hillary Clinton come out and get into the election,” Morris told New York billionaire and radio show host John Catsimatidis on Sunday’s “The Cat’s Cradle” radio show.

“My feeling is she wants to. She feels entitled to do it. She feels compelled to do it. She feels that God put her on the Earth to do it,” Morris said.

But right now, Morris said, Clinton has two obstacles standing in her way: Former Vice President Joe Biden and the #MeToo movement’s gains  — particularly among liberals.

For Hillary, “the timing is bad,” Morris told Catsimatidis. It’s never good to be associated with sexual harassment, but until the #MeToo movement, the focus against sexual harassment was on the harassers themselves.

In Hillary Clinton’s case, that meant the problem was Bill’s, Morris said. That didn’t look good, of course, but as the “wronged wife,” she had some leeway when it came to her husband’s misbehavior.

#MeToo has changed that somewhat by widening the circle of accusation to include those who protected and enabled sexual harassers and abusers – while silencing the victims.

And, considering Hillary’s role protecting Bill Clinton for decades is very well known, that means trouble for the former first lady.

“When the focus is on the predator, that’s Bill Clinton’s problem. And isn’t directly Hillary’s responsibility,” said Morris, who resigned from Bill Clinton’s staff in 1996 and is now a political consultant and commentator whose work appears in The Western Journal, among other publications.

“But when you look at the victim, and you say, what makes her life impossible? That’s Hilary Clinton’s responsibility.”

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