Oh No! Biologist say life begins at conception!

So if 90% of Climate scientist say it real and that makes it settled science, then what if 96% of biologists say life begins at conception?

University of Chicago Ph.D. graduate Steve Jacobs discovered that more than 90 percent of biologists agreed that life begins at conception, but it is a fact that has made him a target of destruction by radical leftists.

Jacobs chose a very politically incorrect topic for his dissertation, and despite the facts of the case, he was almost tossed out of school because of it.

The researcher says that his idea of finding out when most scientists think human life begins was meant to help set a scientific baseline for one of the most contentious political arguments of the day. He said he thought that if there was at last one science-approved fact about the abortion debate, it would help keep the discussion grounded in facts.

Unfortunately for Jacobs, when his survey of scientists got underway, school officials repeatedly tried to shut him down because they did not like that the facts were going against the political ideology of left-wing abortion supporters.

“The U.S. abortion debate has raged for generations, and remains divisive to this day. As a lawyer, mediator and researcher, I sought to assess whether there is room for compromise,” Jacobs said in a new piece at Quillette.com.

Jacobs identified the names and workplaces of thousands of certified biologists and he asked them a series of questions, the most important of which was “when does human life begin.”

What he found set liberals back on their rear-ends:

Read the rest at: US Abortion

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