NETFLIX doesnt care about your kids!

Netflix continually shows an absolute lack of regard for basic decency when it comes to the content they offer subscribers.

Perhaps the single greatest offender among Netflix’s offerings is ‘13 Reasons Why,’ their smash hit teen drama laced with suicide, rape, graphic sex scenes, and more. Everything you want your children to be inundated with all in one convenient television series, right?

13RW goes beyond typical sin-glorifying entertainment, however. Centered largely around the suicide of Hannah Baker, one of its main characters, the show has prompted copycat suicides.

According to the American Family Association, a young woman, Anna Bright took her own life on April 18, 2017. Upon discovering their child’s lifeless body killed in such a gruesome way, Anna’s parents thought she’d been murdered.

AFA reports:

The lead detective said, “Mrs. Bright, she did this.” He also said she mimicked the suicide from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

Viewing records retrieved afterward revealed that, unbeknownst to her parents and without their permission, Anna had binge-watched the first season of 13RW just two weeks prior to her death.

The show was popular among her peers and even filled the text messages sent back and forth between Anna and a friend during the days leading up to her suicide.


The similarities between Anna Bright and the fictitious Hannah Baker were too many to list,

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