You can be a 6 year old millionaire to!

A six-year-old South Korean YouTube star with 30 million subscribers has purchased a multimillion dollar, five-story property in Seoul.

Boram bought the 9.5 billion Korean won ($8 million) building in the trendy Seoul suburb of Gangnam earlier this year, through the Boram Family company, which was set up by the YouTuber’s parents, according to a public real estate registration document.

Boram has two popular YouTube accounts on which she posts content: a toy review channel with 13.6 million subscribers and a video blog account with 17.6 million subscribers.

In one of her most popular clips, which attracted over 376 million views, Boram makes instant noodles using a plastic toy kitchen and then enthusiastically slurps them down on camera.
But some of Boram’s content has attracted controversy in South Korea for the values it promotes.

In 2017, non-governmental organization Save the Children received complaints from citizens in South Korea who were worried Boram’s clips could negatively impact the emotional and ethical development of young viewers.

They were especially concerned by staged clips that showed Boram stealing money from her father’s wallet and appearing to drive cars on the road, the organization’s advocacy department manager Koh Woohhyun told CNN.

Save the Children reported her videos to the police. The Seoul Family Court ordered Boram’s parents to complete a counseling course designed to prevent child abuse.

The offending clips have since been taken down, Koh said.
CNN has reached out to Boram’s representatives and YouTube for comment but had not heard back at the time of publishing.
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