Love Trumps Hate – Failed AGAIN!

In a move that is both completely unsurprising and also shockingly despicable, left-wing keyboard cowboys have doxxed ‘Mini AOC’ and her family off the internet.

On Wednesday the account that purports to be Mini’s stepfather tweeted that the family had been receiving an unbearable amount of physical threats, phone calls to personal numbers and disturbing messages.

Jack Posobiec       @JackPosobie

According to her family, there will be no futher MiniAOC posts due to doxxing and death threats her family received from @AOC supporters  

Not everyone finds the doxxing and threatening of a child an amusing or heroic pursuit (thank God).

JD Rucker   @JDRucker

It’s unfortunate that progressives get defensive when conservatives say children should not dance provocatively in drag, but they scream “child abuse” and make death threats when a little girl mocks their socialist queen. We’ll miss you, .


The Gray One    @silentrunning12

Nothing says tolerance, love, inclusion and diversity like threatening to kill an 8 year old girl…

But conservatives are the Nazis, right? 

So much more Love? 

Sometimes it seems we’re reaching critical mass where the good people of America simply won’t tolerate anymore of this nonsense. Others it seems like there is just no bottom.

Read the rest at: Mini AOC

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