Hello Ladies – No More!

Washington Post contributing columnist Steven Petrow used to write a regular column for the Style section called “Civilities” (even as he supported manner-shredders like Dan Savage) to explain the LGBTQ Revolution in all of its linguistic permutations. On Saturday, that exercise returned in a book review touting “A necessary guide to gender inclusivity.”

Strangely, this guide is not new. It was published last October. The title is Gender: Your Guide, with the subtitle A Gender-Friendly Primer on What to Know, What to Say, and What to Do in the New Gender Culture. To eradicate the “gender binary” is defined as “gender-friendly.” The author is Lee Airton, an “assistant professor of gender and sexuality studies at Queen’s University in Ontario.” Petrow explained “Airton identifies as non-binary and uses ‘they’ as a preferred pronoun.”

“Lee” is a perfect name for the non-binary.

Professor Airton’s life is devoted to teaching the teachers to inculcate LGBTQ orthodoxy in the children, and insists that when you greet an audience you say “Hello, everyone,” which is less upsetting than “Hello, ladies and gentlemen.” If you are writing a letter or e-mail, forget “Dear Sir or Madam” and try using a person’s full name (starchy, but less upsetting). When it comes to “husband” or “wife,” Airton suggests “gender-neutral options, such as partner or spouse, even if you’re cisgender, in an opposite-sex relationship.” You can’t use “husband” and “wife” for people who themselves use those terms. You have to label everyone as the gender-benders insist.

Progressives never stop projecting the notion that transgenders are such sensitive people that they should never have to “correct” anyone about their ever-evolving rules of address. The gender-fluid can’t “participate in the world” unless what Airton has called the “gender police” are stopped.

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