Whats the bible REALLY say about Illegals!

While this Illegal Immigration issue is being debated on all sides, there are many Christians who feel we need to reach out and help house the illegal children that are now here in our nation. There are others who feel that they must be returned to their homes and wherever they came from as soon as possible. I would like to share several thoughts on this issue. Let me begin by saying that I am moved by the plight of these children and do not feel they need to be punished for the current state they are in.

That being said, we as Americans need to wake up to a few realities. First, the percentage of actual children that have come across and continue to come across the border is a small minority in the larger picture. However, we are completely ignorant to the dangers even a small child, from say the middle east, could pose.

I recently went to Mason, Texas to hear Kamal Saleem speak. Kamal fulfilled his first Jihad mission at the age of seven by delivering bombs into Israel. Those who fought in Vietnam know how the children were used as weapons. The enemy we face today have taken the minds of many of these young people and turned them against America. We must understand the enemy. Secondly, many of the teen age illegal immigrants are active gang members and are working for the cartels. These are being shipped further into our nation and are expanding the territories of the cartels in the United States. They will bring murder, rape, disease, theft and intimidation to our neighborhoods.

If you have read this far, I hope you will stick with me because I am about to challenge your biblical basis for extending aid to these illegals. But first, let me also add that there is a legal way to enter the country — and while the system has its issues and needs review, when we destroy the Rule of Law, we are teaching these children that “by any means necessary” is a law unto itself. So years from now, when faced with a moral dilemma, what will they do? They will do what is going to best benefit them because that is what this ordeal is teaching them.

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