Pulling funds for government experiments on fetal remains is no big deal!

Abortion-rights activists often try to frame their issue as if it were merely a question of sexual liberation. This is why they invariably ascribe bad motives to everyone who opposes their fairly extreme position.

If (like the overwhelming majority of Americans) you believe there should be some limit on abortion at some point in the nine months between conception and birth, then it must be because you want to control women’s bodies. What else could it be?

As the abortion debate gets louder and more shrill, this is the sort of thing abortion fans have to shout within their own minds. It helps them avoid listening and thinking about the flaw in this logic. It is a means of evading the scientific and moral fact that abortion ends a human life. The unwillingness to confront that fact — even if only to justify, rationalize, excuse or apologize for it — is the mark of avoiding the real issue when it comes to abortion.

To establish that abortion takes a human life, one could argue from faith, philosophy, or just the proven biological and genetic humanity of the unborn. But this month, the nation is being given unlikely new proof not only that the unborn are human, but that everyone implicitly accepts that they are human, whether or not they are willing to say it out loud.

The Trump administration announced last week that it is pulling the plug on government funding for scientific experiments on fetal remains. This experimentation helps sustain the abortion business. And it is common enough that entire papers have been published on how to perform late-term abortions so that the best possible livers can be harvested from them.

Read the rest at: No funding for fetal stem cell research!

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