Ponies are Gay?

After nearly a decade, the widely popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series is coming to an end. Between Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame, the year 2019 seems to be marked by finales. It may seem unusual to place a children’s cartoon on the same level as major film/television franchises, but there’s no denying the cultural phenomenon that is My Little Pony. A reboot of Hasbro’s popular 80’s brand developed by acclaimed animator Lauren Faust, MLP has completely changed the landscape of not only cartoons targeted for girls but children’s entertainment as a whole. What could have been a run-of-the-mill toyetic series has since blossomed into a critical darling praised for its offbeat humor and imagination coupled with complex life lessons. It’s even broken gender barriers garnering adult male viewers affectionately known as “bronies.”

With the ninth and final season nearly halfway through, fans can look forward to MLPcontinuing to foster inclusivity in ways that have been a long time coming.

In the upcoming episode “The Last Crusade” written by Nicole Dubuc, set to debut this Saturday on Discovery Family but has already aired overseas, the long absent parents of the young pegasus Scootaloo (Madeleine Peters) are at last introduced, finally answering a longstanding plot point many have been wondering. But that’s not the only significance of the episode. Early in the story, Scootaloo and her friends Apple Bloom (Michelle Creber) and Sweetie Belle (Claire Corlett), known collectively as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, meet with Scootaloo’s current caretakers Aunt Holiday (Jackie Blackmore) and Auntie Lofty (Saffron Henderson).

At first glance one might be tempted to assume it’s a Sabrina the Teenage Witch situation i.e. two adult siblings as the legal guardians of their niece à la Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda. But it soon becomes evident that Holiday and Lofty are not siblings or even in-laws but in fact a romantic lesbian couple. In case there’s any lingering doubt Michael Vogel, a writer/producer for MLP and former vice president of development for Hasbro, confirmed their relationship via Twitter.

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