Millennial Dads pretty helpless when it comes to tools!

When it comes to simple tasks like changing tires, unclogging toilets or resetting a tripped circuit breaker, millennial dads are terrible compared to their own fathers, according to new research.

A poll of 1,000 millennial dads and 1,000 baby boomer dads conducted by OnePoll on behalf of reveals that the younger generation prefers to call in the professionals when it comes to a range of DIY tasks ranging from basic plumbing to assembling furniture.

Most of them cant perform basic home tasks, Unblocking toilets, restart water heater, reset breaker, jump start a dead car and more!

What’s more, millennial dads are less likely to own ordinary house tools that older dads would consider essential. Just 48% of millennial dads say they don’t own a ladder, while 46% don’t own a cordless drill. 38% don’t own a set of screwdrivers, while 32% don’t own a hammer (vs 93% of baby boomer dads).

We wonder how many of them own and know how to use guns?

Millennials, in their defense, say that modern technology such as smart locks and doorbell cameras require more expertise than installing their old-school equivalents.

“Hi-tech upgrades like smart home technology require professional support; especially safety and security upgrades. Even the handiest Dads see the value of partnering with a professional service provider on an important project like a smart home security system,” said Anne Ferguson, VP of marketing at

One thing both millennial and boomer dads agree on; the goal posts have been moved – and the definition of ‘handiness’ has changed.

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