How The Left Is Normalizing Pedophilia!

Twitter just announced that it has “zero tolerance” for child sexual exploitation, yet it has allowed this video from Vice, both portraying and glorifying child sexual exploitation, to remain on its platform. The Vice video is a fun and whimsical look at the “community” of young boys who dress in women’s clothing and dance for the perverted entertainment of adults.

Vice proudly announced that these children are the “next generation of drag queens.” But they are not really a part of the “next” generation; they are the current generation — or more like current crop — of a new type of “drag performer.” New, that is, to the West. Over in places like Afghanistan, it has long been customary to have young boys in female attire dance for the pleasure of grown men. We have now adopted a similar custom, but under the guise of progressivism.

The Left has become increasingly obsessed with dressing boys up like girls and parading them around. Literally parading them around in some cases, like when the LA Pride Parade had a 7-year-old boy “strutting” in high heels at the head of the procession. Little attempt is made anymore to hide the sexual nature of the “drag kid” phenomenon. Remember, for instance, the “drag kid” who posed with a naked man, and the “drag kid” who danced at a gay bar while men tossed money at him.

This should put things into perspective for those still obtuse and oblivious enough to think that the “drag queen story hours” popping up at libraries across the country are just a bit of harmless fun. Hundreds of libraries have hosted events to bring children and cross-dressing men together. There is, of course, no practical or coherent reason why a man has to dress like a woman from a Tim Burton movie in order to read a book to children. The decision to add that macabre and grotesque element into the equation is purposeful, and the purpose is to get children — boys, especially — accustomed to the idea of cross-dressing. The sexual exploiters of children want to ensure that there will be a constantly refreshed supply of Bacha boys — or “drag kids,” as we call them in this country.

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