What happened with Oneway.com?

OneWay Fediway

In a previous post last year, I promised to keep you updated about which social media alternative(s) we are using.

As of September 2018, we were working to build on both OneWay and MeWe.

Along the way, Oneway did a major revamp of their website. The redesign was not a problem.

The change in their terms of service was a BIG problem and is the reason we will not be continuing to build a following there.

When Oneway originally launched, the developer vowed to keep an open platform with only a couple of exceptions which were clearly outlined in their About. Then on March 13, 2019 (after the redesign), we received a warning on one of our posts from the developer stating:

“WARNING: ONEWAY is NOT a free speech website. We will be launching some 100% free speech sites in the weeks to come but ONEWAY is not that. This is a private site for fundamentalist Christians only.” (See screen captures below)

NOT a free speech site?!?! We would NEVER have moved in that direction if we’d known that was the case. Not that we have a problem with a private site catering to fundamentalist Christians. But that’s not what it was when we signed up, or we wouldn’t have joined.

Those of you who follow us know that our content can be controversial, some topics are taboo, and we invite people from various viewpoints to join in the conversation. But our content is clean and always measured against the Word of God. Does that mean every guest is a Christian? No. And that’s ok. God called us to be a light TO the world. And you can’t do that hiding away in a church or in a private page only for Christians.

As of this post we are Taking the MeWe plunge…

FYI… OneWay is a part of Fediway.org. You can watch the developer’s video on what’s to come.

Developer’s posted warning and my response below.

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