Taking the MeWe plunge…

I promised to let you know if we decided to do a cannon ball jump to MeWe in the future. Well, we did it! Here’s why…

About this time last year, I began evaluating social media alternatives to FaceBook. Since that time, we’ve been de-platformed on Facebook 2 or 3 times (I’ve lost count). No explanation. No answer to the one appeal we were able to make. And no option for appeal the other times. Just deleted. Period. On Twitter, we’ve been so badly throttled that it’s hardly worth posting anymore. Our followers have been deleted by the thousands and our reach has been reduced to a negligible fraction of what it once was.

In the meantime, we’ve auditioned at last count 15 other social media platforms, eliminating them one-by-one for various reasons (instability, hard to use, unreliable, low traffic, features or lack of). Who came out on top?


We are actively growing our following on that platform and encouraging others to do the same. Facebook is not just unwelcoming to Conservatives and especially Christians, but they are becoming outright hostile toward us.

From what we’ve seen on MeWe, there has been no evidence of censorship, even with material that would get you a 30 day suspension or de-platforming on Facebook.

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