No Obama scandals? The ObamaCare Deception!

When health economist and Obama advisor Jonathan Gruber said the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed only because of a “lack of transparency” and “the stupidity of the American voter,” he did more than insult millions of people. He admitted (1) if voters had understood what the PPACA does, the opposition would be so great that it would not have passed because even Democrats would have abandoned it, (2) the law’s authors knew this, and (3) because of this, they consciously sought to deceive voters about the enormous taxes the law imposes on millions of Americans, both at the law’s inception and at every turn during the public debate. In short, Gruber admitted ObamaCare is and has always been one giant deception from beginning to end, and its architects achieved by deception what they could not have achieved honestly.

Read the rest at: ObamaScam

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