CALIFORNIA raiding reporters homes!

The media has whined and exercised severe hyperbole when it comes to their responses to President Trump bashing them. It’s about time. It’s partially why the president is so appealing to his base. He doesn’t take any crap. He dishes it out and if the press doesn’t like it, too bad.  He’s still president. He still won the election, and there is nothing they can do about it. What the press has done is thrown an epic tantrum over the 2016 election and the subsequent nothing burger that followed in that was the DOJ probe into Russian collusion led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. With no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion to impeach the president, the media went into full forth again. The fact is they suck. They always have; we just have a fighter in the White House who tells it to their faces on a nearly daily basis. In the meantime, the press has undergone a ridiculous campaign noting their self-importance, with some even equating to what they do to firefighting and first responder work. No, Trump won’t jail journalists, which has become a favorite liberal media tale, with the pervasive “my six-year-old asked me” stories that these clowns post on social media to preface their lecture about how Trump criticizing them is bad for our society. Nope. It’s good…because these clowns are all really just a softer form of political operative. So, what’s this have to do with the People’s Republic of California? Oh yeah—while the liberal media whines about Trump, California has been engaging in a war on the press, specifically the city of San Francisco, who are now raiding the homes of reporters in order to unveil their sources.

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