Australia rejects liberalism!

I’ve been in Australia this week and was fortunate to watch Scott Morrison be elected Prime Minister of Australia while here. President Trump promptly tweeted his congratulations — but here is why we as Americans should care far beyond that kind nod of support for our close allies Down Under.

As we have seen recently all around the world, the progressives and the leftist media had determined ScoMo, as he is affectionately called by his supporters, to be dead on arrival. In fact, they had called this election “unwinnable”.

Bill Shorten, his opponent and leader of the Labor Party, had campaigned on a platform of adding a death tax, raising corporate tax rates, removing investment property tax deductions and increasing regulations to stop climate change, including a 49% renewable energy target by 2030 in Australia.

From an outsider perspective that doesn’t seem to be a winning platform, but it appeared to be a foregone conclusion here that he would win. And save Australia. And therefore save the planet.

Yet in my own informal polling of waiters and Uber drivers and café goers, it appeared the pollsters hadn’t been talking to the people I was.

I found very few people excited about the Labor platform and even fewer who intended to vote for Labor. In fact, many said if Shorten won they may look for somewhere else to call home — joking perhaps even Venezuela looked appealing.

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