More Parents pushing against Sex Ed in California!

Stephanie Yates got choked up staring out at the cheering crowd of over 500 sign-holding moms and dads who traveled from all over the state to stand with her on the steps of the state capitol. Regaining her composure, Stephanie got real with the crowd and admitted she used to be so shy and fearful she could hardly introduce herself.

Explaining her transformation last Thursday, Stephanie gave credit to her creator. “God will give you the courage for what you need to do to protect your children,” she said. And after seeing the graphic, immoral sex and gender identity lessons the public schools were teaching children, she decided, “I don’t care if they think I’m crazy. I don’t care if they get mad, and I lose friends and I lose family over this, because it is about our kids.”

And so Stephanie started to take action “one step at a time.” A little less than a year ago she created a Facebook group at her husband’s suggestion. As more and more parents joined, and as sex education lessons and school board meeting videos were posted for parents to see, the Facebook group started growing, eventually doubling, then tripling in size. Now after holding two rallies at the state capitol and a sex education sit-out with over 40 participating school districts, the Informed Parents of California Facebook group has grown to almost 15,000 members.

Despite all their efforts, California’s education bureaucracy and its elected leaders are, in large part, still ignoring them. Informed Parents of California co-founder Aileen Blachowski admitted this at the rally, but that doesn’t mean they intend to quiet down.

“Department of Education, hear this loud and clear,” Aileen declared to the crowd. “The parents of California will not submit their children to indoctrination. … If you will not listen to us. … We will pull our kids from your schools.”

Over the next few months Informed Parents of California plan to implement “Operation Suspend Re-Enrollment.” Parents will be encouraged to send letters telling school district officials not to expect their children for next school year if they will not listen and act on parent curriculum concerns.

One group of political leaders who have shown their support to these parents is the California Senate Republicans. The Senate Republican communication team video taped the entire rally, interviewed speakers afterwards, and put together promotional videos of the two senators who spoke at the rally, Senate Republican Caucus Chair Brian Jones (District 38 – Santee), and Mike Morrell (District 23 – Rancho Cucamonga).

Read the rest at: Parents against FORCED Sex ED

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