Is Taxation Theft?

Since Democrats took over a majority in both the New Hampshire House and Senate, they have been on a drunken late-night ‘Amazon Prime’ spending spree with YOUR tax dollars. And of course, they have to RAISE TAXES even more to pay for all of their ridiculous spending, to the tune of $417 MILLION new taxes and fees!

From The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy:

To help fund its more than half-billion dollars in new spending, the House budget includes a sales tax on marijuana transactions ($4 million), business tax increases ($94.1 million), a new capital gains tax ($150 million), and a new wage tax (payroll tax) to fund a compulsory paid family and medical leave program ($168.6 million).

To point out the ridiculous behavior of NH House Democrats, some Republicans have been using the phrase ‘Taxation is Theft’ when speaking at the well during house sessions, in one form or another. From Young Americans for Liberty:

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