Is Hillary REALLY to big to Jail?

One of the basic principles underpinning the idea of justice is that the same rules apply to everyone. In practice, that often isn’t the case. Hence a Jussie Smollett walks with a 16-count felony indictment and someone less well-known, and not as gay, does jail time. A Beto O’Rourke drives while drunk, wrecks a car, and runs from the cops and gets…nothing because his father is a prominent judge. While if you did it… As a society, we sort of internalize what in the Army we called “different spanks for different ranks.” Just as you might fine and confine to barracks a private who is late for formation, you would probably let a noncommissioned officer off with a verbal reprimand. We understand that the transgressions by people who have lived productive lives and perhaps accomplished something don’t necessarily require the same punishment for the same offense. This is why a lot of people were appalled by the decision to treat Martha Stewart as though she was a professional pump-and-dump operator.

Where the whole thing breaks down is when people of the same prominence are given wildly disparate treatment because they are targeted for retaliation. Such is the case of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton knowingly held thousands of classified emails on her private server. At one point, she seemed to direct a subordinate to remove classified markings from a document so it could be sent to her private phone without raising eyebrows if seen. When the DNC server was hacked, the FBI was never allowed access to the server and relied upon the analysis conducted by a private contractor hired by the DNC. When Hillary Clinton was questioned, she was allowed to be accompanied by her “lawyers” who were also subjects of the investigation. Despite mishandling classified information, some of it holding the very highest classifications, and lying to the FBI, James Comey arrived at the decision that Hillary Clinton’s ample posterior was just too big to jail.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, was targeted for investigation based on nothing that approaches evidence. Members of his campaign have been convicted and jailed. Apparently, the FBI and/or the CIA aimed agents provocateurs at his campaign to try to create facts to justify an investigation. A “dossier” created by Hillary Clinton’s opposition research efforts was successfully converted by the FBI into evidence supporting the eavesdropping on a US citizen and, through him, the transition team of the president-elect.

Perhaps, there is change on the spring breeze.

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