OCASIO in a popularity freefall?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s public approval rating nosedived between September and February, polling data from Gallup show.

Significantly more Americans recognize the Democratic congresswoman’s name since a combination of socialism and shoe leather catapulted her to stardom with a Democratic primary win over a 10-term incumbent.

Just 21 per cent of American adults told Gallup’s pollsters last month that they didn’t know who Ocasio-Cortez was. That number was 50 per cent in September, before she coasted to victory in the general election.

But the more people recognize her, the less they like what they hear: The number of people who have unfavorable views of the 29-year-old lawmaker from New York has grown far faster than her fan base.

Ocasio-Cortez won a favorable rating from 24 per cent of Americans In Gallup’s September poll, compared with 26 per cent who disagreed.

Those numbers both grew by February, to 31 per cent favorable and 41 per cent unfavorable. That means the proportion her detractors have grown by 15 per cent while her backers grew just 7 per cent.

The democratic socialist wunderkind has more admirers than opponents among nonwhites, women, americans age 18-35 and self-identified Democrats. Every other demographic is against her.

It may not matter in 2020, since she represents an exceedingly liberal New York City district and won her 2018 primary by organizing those same groups.

As her spotlight moments give moderate Democrats more and more to cringe about, however, she could find herself facing her own primary challenger next summer.

Of the seven controversial statements Politifact.com’s researchers have evaluated, they gave Ocasio-Cortez either ‘false’ or ‘pants on fire’ ratings for five. Another was considered ‘half-true.’

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