Did Obama’s policies increase school violence?

Barack Obama, Caricature
Barack Obama, Caricature

Peter Kirsanow, Republican member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and attorney, joined Sunday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday — hosted by Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House — to explain how Obama-era education policies drove the implementation of racial and ethnic quotas regarding disciplinary actions towards students.

The Obama administration wanted equal rates of disciplinary outcomes — including suspensions and expulsions — between different racial and ethnic groups of students, explained Kirsanow.

Democrat state senator and a Teamsters president credited the aforementioned Obama administration school discipline policy with “chaos”  in New York City schools and a lack of  “accountability” for dangerous behavior.

Kirsanow said, “This was an imminently predictable consequences of the 2014 school discipline guidance that was jointly-issued by the Obama Justice Department and Education Department, which sought to equalize the rates of suspensions and expulsions between students of different races.”

Obama-era policies led to the application of racial and ethnic quotas across schools’ disciplinary enforcement, noted Kirsanow:

It’s always been the case that black and Hispanic students had markedly higher suspension and expulsion rates than white and Asian students. The Obama administration attributed this to, apparently, intentional discrimination rather than acts that might merit suspensions and expulsions being committed by black and Hispanic students at a higher rate than did whites and Asians.

So, what the Office of Civil Rights for the Department of Justice and the Department of Education did was issue a school guidance which would trigger investigations by those two departments if the suspension and expulsion rates between races were markedly different, and of course, some of the administrators, because they ideologically were sympathetic to this, or more likely, because they didn’t want to expend the time and resources and possibly lose millions of dollars in federal funds if they didn’t address this issue, so what happened is, you arrived at having quotas because you had to lower the expulsion and suspension rates for black and Hispanic students — and fairly significantly — because the rates of suspension and expulsion for black and Hispanic students, it varies from district to district — is about three to four times that of white and Asian students. Hispanic students is a little bit less than for black students, but it’s still higher than for white and Asian students.

Rather than reduce the volume of unacceptable student behaviors, continued Kirsanow, schools implemented racial and ethnic quotas in disciplinary policies to achieve the Obama administration’s policy goals:

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